Other considerations

Other considerations
It’s important you’re aware of the different features applicable to the many different types of mortgages available on the market. Some of those key features you need to consider are:

Early repayment charges
If you wish to partially or fully repay your mortgage during its term.

Portability of the loan
If you move you may wish to keep your current mortgage.

Fixed rate
Would you benefit by fixing the interest rate with the lender for a set period?

Annual percentage rate (APR)
What is the real cost of borrowing, not just the interest rate charged?

The ability to overpay, take payment holidays, or switch repayment types

Frequency of interest additions
How often the lender calculates and adds interest to your loan, for example daily, monthly, or annually, can affect the cost of your borrowing.

Insurance is very similar
We will advise you so that if you ever need to make a claim you or your dependants will receive what you were expecting.
This is why analysing and monitoring the enormous range of products is important. This ensures you get the best solution.