Has the penny dropped?

Sifting through the maze of mortgages can be a daunting task for most people. A Mortgage adviser will first understand your specific requirements and your financial situation. Depending on your personal circumstances, such as your attitude to risk, budgeting preferences, family situation, future plans, possible poor credit background and so forth, a mortgage adviser can make the most appropriate recommendation.

We work from a panel of lenders both highstreet and non-highstreet lender’s that can offer exclusive rates via Intrinsic. The panel is representative of the whole mortgage market. Our key ties with many mortgage lenders combined with the understanding of a diverse range of lending criteria, let’s us help more people. 

Sometimes the impossible is possible.


  • First-time-buyer
  • Home mover
  • Second home
  • Re-mortgage
  • Buy-to-let
  • Let-to-buy
  • Holiday let
  • Right-to-buy
  • Further advance
  • Commercial funding (via referral to a master broker)
  • Bridging loans (via referral to a master broker)
  • Development funding
  • More funding types are available

Repayment type and term

  • Interest only
  • Capital repayment
  • Part interest & part repayment
  • Repayment over many terms, depending on your affordability. For example: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 years.

How does a mortgage work?

Interest rates & tie in periods

  • Fixed Rate
  • Tracker Rate
  • Flexible Rate
  • Variable Rate
  • 2 year deal
  • 3 year deal 
  • 5 year deal

  • Free valuation and legal fees are available on many mortgage products subject to your financial status.
  • Exclusive mortgage products can offer you cash back towards legal expenses and valuation fees.

How much can you afford?

Unlike many lenders, as a broker firm we can’t give an exact calculation for working out your loan size. We can’t give an exact multiple of your monthly income. As our panel of lending criteria is so diverse, we have options available to help customers maximise borrowing based on their income. For a free initial personalised consultation please call: 0151 222 5706 or email: and we will be happy to assist.

More ways we can help

  • Employed for 3 months or less.
  • Small deposits, such as 5%.
  • Self employed with 1 years accounts.
  • Adverse credit such as CCJ’s, defaults, missed payments.
  • Income stretches to buy your dream property.
  • Portfolio Landlords.
  • Raising Capital for a home extension.
  • Debt Consolidation.
  • Gifted Deposits.
  • Builders Deposits.
  • Maybe you just want to know your options and are looking to buy in the future.

First-time-buyer mortgage

First-time buyers need to get a first-time-buyer mortgage suitable to their requirements. You can take advantage of our services and professional tie-ups with lenders for exclusive rates and ongoing support.

  • A deposit as small as 5%.
  • Builders deposit.
  • Help to buy mortgage.
  • Shared ownership mortgage.
  • A free property valuation and legal fees maybe available, subject to your financial situation.


If you already own a property whose term is coming to the end, or if your financial situation has changed or about to change, it may be prudent to consider shifting the existing mortgage to a new lender, on better terms. Shifting to a new mortgage rate can reduce your monthly payments. Book a free initial mortgage review and see if you can save more on your monthly payments.

A remortgage can be a great way to obtain funds for reasons like a home extension, deposit for a buy to let purchase or help family onto the property ladder. Please contact us for more information. 

Free valuation, Free legal fees or Cashback towards your fees is available on many remortgage products.


We can help existing buy to let landlords or customers considering buying their first rental property. Buy to let mortgages require clients to provide higher deposits towards the property purchase than a typical residential mortgage. The mininum deposit is normally 20% of the purchase price. There are many options available to support landlords. For more information about products related to buy to let mortgages, please call our team on: 0151 222 5706 or email:


With right-to-buy purchases, clients can use their discounted equity value from the housing association as their deposit. In many scenarios, with right to buy purchases, clients are not required to provide any of their own cash deposit, towards buying their property.

Broker Fees

Initial mortgage reviews are free. We DO NOT charge fees for providing life insurance and home insurance advice. We are paid commission by the product providers.

What documents are required?

Proof of your identity and address

We support the Proceeds of Crime Act and all efforts to eliminate Money Laundering. As Part of this, we need to verify the identity of all our clients. We ask that you provide some original documents containing your name and You must provide at least:

• One proof of identity document – e.g. Passport or Driving Licence.
• One proof of address document – e.g. utility bill from last 3 months.

To support your mortgage application

You may need to provide some of the documents below, relevant to your situation.

• Last 3 months consecutive bank statements.
• 3 months wage slips or 13 weeks.
•1, 2 or 3 years accounts if self employed.

• A Copy of your credit file.
• Self-employed- last 1, 2 or 3 years SA302’s, TYO’s.
• Current mortgage statement.
• State benefits – evidence of any state benefits (letter dated within the last 12 months for each benefit).

• Pension income – if lending into retirement.
• Gift of deposit letter
• Your current assurance/insurance provisions. If you have home insurance or a life policy a copy of the policy documents showing what cover you currently have.

Source of deposit

We will have to identify the source of your deposit. (E.g. if from your own savings then your last 12 months bank statements). It maybe equity in your current property, in this case no proof is required.

In cases were the deposit is a gifted deposit from your family we would require a gifted deposit letter from the donor. We will provide you with a template if necessary to support your application.

Credit file

With the increase in identity theft we strongly recommend you obtain a copy of your own credit report. This is to ensure your application is not delayed by uncovering surprises later in the process. It also means that any issues uncovered can be addressed, as it does not mean your application is automatically declined – indeed many lenders have provisions for this type of business. Check the initial and ongoing fees that agencies charge as they can vary. The main agencies to approach are Experian, Equifax, Callcredit, Clearscore.

You don’t have all supporting documents.

If you do not have all supporting documents in time for your first appointment, there is no need to worry. This can be discussed with the adviser. We can still provide advice without all the documents, but all documents will be required, prior to submitting your full mortgage application.